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Why USA?

I have many experience and I would like to share them here. Shopping in USA is not only about saving a lot of money, even though it's probably the most important, but it is also about purchasing goods which are hardly available in the Republic of South Africa. But of course the biggest attractions are the huge discounts which can be found. How would you like to have a postal address in USA and have a chance to shop also in e-shops with no delivery outside of USA? And do you know how avoid paying VAT? It is easy. Create your virtual postal address in USA. You will ship your order there and will mail forward it to your home address wherever you want and even pack two orders to one package.

How to shop in USA

How to shop in USA with Shipito

Postal Address

Get U.S. Postal Address from in one of their warehouses.

Shop online in US e-shops

Shop in any U.S. online store, even if they do not ship abroad!!

Use your new address for delivery

Shipito will receive your package or more packages. You can receive them packed in one and safe another money.

Shipito and Mail forwarding

Easy user interface. Choose the cheapest shipping company and Shipito will ship it to you to Africa.

SHIPITO Offered packages

STANDART: Shop online and have the package(s) sent to Shipito address. They will forward individual packages to you. You will pay for each individual package which Shipito receive and forward to you. The cost is only $2.00 per package + postage. INDIVIDUAL PACKAGE plan does NOT offer consolidation of packages (merging several packages into bigger one). There is no any other fee.

Virtual mailbox in USA: Virtual mailbox allows you to save on postage due to the consolidation feature. Shipito will consolidate packages for larger shipments. For example: instead ofsending three packages, they will put them all in a larger box and ship them as one. Consolidation is the biggest secret how to save substantial amount of money. Fee for this service is $10 per month or $50 per year and you can use als warehouse in Oregon where is not VAT.

Assisted purchase: If you have trouble ordering online Shipito can shop on your behalf. You will pay it from your account deposit and Shipito will purchase what you need. They are able to purchase many hard to get products from various online and even actual stores. Many online stores will not ship to freight forwarding companies, so SHIPITO have recently added a new feature for all clients. They are now able to go in person to select stores to purchase items that you may not be able to obtain otherwise. Please note that just because an item is shown online it does not guarantee that it will be available in the store. There is new lower $8.50 assisted purchase fee.

See more details here:

Import duty and taxes and Shipping fees

Import duty and taxes

Customs duties are levied on imported goods with the aim of raising revenue and protecting the local market. See at: The valuation method is Free on Board (FOB); it means that the import duty and taxes are calculated on the value of the imported goods. Some duties may be based part in value and part in quantity. In addition to duty, imports are subject to value added tax (VAT). Some luxury or non-essential items (e.g. perfumes) may be subject to additional ad valorem duties.

South African duty rates vary between 0% and 45% (average duty rate is 18.74%). Some goods are not subject to duty (e.g. electric guitars, laptops ...).

Value added tax applies to most import goods at 14% of the sum of FOB value, duty and excise payable, and a 10% upliftment of the FOB value.

Import goods with a FOB value, i.e. product value excluding shipping and insurance cost, up to R500 are exempt from duty. VAT is still applicable.

Customs VAT is usually calculated as follows: (Invoice Amount + 10% + duties) x 14%

Perfect Import Duty & Taxes Calculation tool here:

And whole SARS Tariff book here:

Shipping fees

Shipping fees depend on selected shipping method from USA to South Africa and size and weight of the parcel.

Shipito uses many shipping methods such as: USPS (US postal service), FedEx, DHL, TNT, etc. You can choose which one is most suitable for you - some of them are cheaper, but the delivery takes longer time. Some of them are really quick, but it also cost more money.

Here is list of most used shipping services:

USPS Priority: cheaper, little slower, with tracking

USPS Express: fast, inexpensive and reliable, with tracking

FedEx, DHL, TNT: very fast and reliable, large discounts

Find more shipping information and calculations at:

Try Shipito postage calculator for sending packages from USA.

It works for the Republic of South Africa, Namibia, Lesotho, Botswana, Zimbabwe and also Swaziland.

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